4 Ways a Kassel & Irons Metal Roof Saves Money and Time


February 26, 2022

When it’s time to buy a new roof, you can save money with metal. Here are just 4 ways an investment in quality pays you back while adding value to your home.  Eliminates roof replacement cost  Works well with solar panels  Reduces your energy costs  Minimizes roof maintenance costs Metal roofing provides many returns, including: … ( read more )

Solar Panels and Steel Roofing for Durability with Performance


January 22, 2022

Solar panels are one of the increasing options for choosing solar power generation for your home. Some options are better than others, and all depend on what’s suitable for your location and situation. Supply and trusted performance are both important issues to consider. Our recommendation? Roof-mounted panels on the right roof. Why? Roof-mounted solar panels… ( read more )

Roof Warranty? Why you need 2.


December 17, 2021

As a wise consumer, we understand that you research product and service warranties for every significant purchase to protect your investment. A new roof is a major investment.  When you purchase a new roof, you should receive 2 warranties in writing.  The 1st comes from the manufacturer covering the integrity of their product. The 2nd… ( read more )

Winter Roofing Installation


November 29, 2021

When it comes to roofing installation, we’re often asked if you can install a roof in winter. Yes, you can install a metal roof in the winter, but you probably shouldn’t install an asphalt one.  Asphalt needs higher ambient temperatures for the adhesive to bond and the shingles to stay attached to the deck. When… ( read more )

Metal Roof Myths: The Real Value of a Kassel & Irons Roof


October 27, 2021

A common myth about metal roofing is that it costs more than other roofing materials. Especially asphalt roofing. A Kassel & Irons metal roof usually costs more than an asphalt roof at installation. However, the total investment is less over time, based on energy savings, low maintenance, long-life, and home value Let’s bust the myths… ( read more )

Sustainable Roofing: Steel is a Right Choice


June 27, 2021

We can make sustainable choices in the autos we purchase and use or collect energy for our homes. Did you know you can make a sustainable roofing choice in roofing? The very least sustainable roofing choice is asphalt.  The most stainable choice in roofing is metal.   How do asphalt roofs compare with Kassel & Irons’s… ( read more )