Colorado Metal Roofing: Denver and Beyond

July 6, 2016

Steve Becker of Colorado Metal Roofing

Steve Becker of Colorado Metal Roofing

Bringing the strength of steel and professional, expert roofing services to Denver, the Front Range, and beyond, we want to introduce you to Steve Becker and Colorado Metal Roofing. They are in the business of providing superior roofing solutions for homes, commercial and public buildings…on the plains and in the mountains.

Metal Roofing Built Tough for Tough Colorado Weather

Our durable, beautiful and sustainable metal roofing solutions will add value to your home, as they protect you and your family for a lifetime. This is a worry-free solution that is impact resistant (it stands up to severe hail), fire resistant (it will not burn and will protect your home from flying embers), and wind-resistant (our interlocking system keeps your roof covered in winds up to 120 mph). And there’s more: snow loads are handled with ease, while great roofing system ventilation will keep your place cool in the summer heat.

Why Buy a Roof from Colorado Metal Roofing?

“Colorado’s unique population of both seasonal and year-round residences in the mountains, the foothills, rural farmlands and large metropolitan areas need protection from snow and heat. We choose to represent Kassel & Irons roofing products for their ability to stand up to the elements with excellent performance and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.”
-Steve Becker

With a very large service area, Steve and his team provide our long-lasting metal roofing styles to Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and all points in-between. Each style offers environmental benefits and energy savings, as well as protection against tough Colorado weather.

With over 30 years experience in contracting and home improvement, Steve Becker and his team can be depended upon to provide professional and more than proficient service to Colorado homeowners. We know that Colorado Metal Roofing will represent Kassel & Irons products and installation with integrity…each and every time. We are pleased and proud to partner with Steve and his company, for the delivery our quality products to Colorado Rocky tops.