About Us

Made In The USAAt Kassel & Irons, we’re just as tired of roofing materials that don’t perform up to promises as you are. Time and again over the last 30 years, we have seen so called “permanent” roofing products rushed to market, and then result in widespread failure, unhappy customers, and class action lawsuits. We’re pleased to tell you that we have a better answer to the permanent problem of roofing. It requires dedication and hard work but it is possible to bring together technologies that create residential roofing materials that last.

From the heartland of America, we have seen steel roofing products that have lasted over 100 years. With undying commitments to quality and excellence, we produce products that, with today’s technology, can outlast even those very old roofs. Our products are 100% made in America from American-made raw materials by our caring team members who know that you love your home just as much as they love theirs. They refuse to cut corners or short change in any way your quest for an end to roofing worries.


Environmental Consciousness

Most roofing materials are very unfriendly to the environment. They have heavy dependence on oil for their production. They are heavy and costly to transport. They have short lives and can’t be recycled. Eventually, they become landfill.

recycled symbolKassel & Irons steel roofs, on the other hand, are produced from strong yet low weight steel alloys. They weigh about 1/3 what most roofing materials weigh. The raw material is also 35% recycled content and our products are designed to keep homes naturally cooler in hot weather, reducing your air conditioning costs. And, while our products have coatings proven to last 40 and more years, they can be repainted in the future. If a Kassel & Irons roof should ever have to be replaced, it is 100% recyclable which compares very favorably with granular coated shingles that must be disposed of in a landfill.