About Us

Worried about your roof? Not sure what type of roof is right for you? We have a better solution to the permanent problem of roofing: Kassel & Irons.

From the heartland of America, our caring team members manufacture and deliver metal roofing products that:

    Made In The USA

  • Contain 35% recycled content and are 100% recyclable
  • Weigh about ⅓ less than traditional roofing materials
  • Manufactured from American Made Steel, in the USA
  • Keep your home cool in hot weather, reducing energy costs
  • Beautiful and durable, with a variety of colors and finishes
  • Warranted to last for a lifetime


We’re Here for You

From our headquarters in Piqua, Ohio, Kassel & Irons roofs protect thousands of homes in Canada, the US, and around the globe. Our quality manufacturing, dedicated service, and years of experience are put to work for you with every single inquiry or contact. Our full-time roofing specialists are ready to answer your questions and help guide you to the very best roofing solution for you, your home, and your situation. Even if a Kassel & Irons Metal Roof is not right for you, we’re determined to assist you in solving your roofing problems and helping you find the right roof.

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Yours to Discover and Cover Your Castle

At Kassel & Irons, we bring together technologies, designs, and performance values to create a permanent roofing solution for homeowners, builders, commercial properties, and more. With exceptional choices and outstanding warranties, a roof for a lifetime can be in your future. Learn how we can help you discover the next, right roof for your home, project, or dream.