Standing Seam Pros and Cons

3 Types of Vertical Metal Roofing Panels

Standing seam, also referred to as vertical seam metal roofing comes in 3 general product types. Though it is our belief that true standing seam is the only option that should be considered for residential use, you should understand why. With regard to how the metal roofing panels are fastened, it’s important to know the pros and cons in methods commonly used.

  1. Through-Fastened Vertical Metal Roofing

    Also called “exposed fastener”, these are sheets of corrugated metal that are laid on the roof and secured to the roof deck with screws. Commonly used on agricultural buildings and increasingly on residences.
    Pros: widely available and relatively inexpensive to install
    Cons: no built-in allowance for the metal’s movement with temperature change, fasteners can back out or break, susceptible to moisture damage, no interlock, poor quality coatings

  2. Nail Hem Vertical Metal Roofing

    Like vinyl siding, these panels have a nailing strip running down 1 side.
    Pros: Elongated holes allow for expansion and contraction of the roof panels
    Cons: With any improper or deviant fastenings, the allowance for expansion is negated and ripples can appear in the panels, centers of panels lift up during severe wind storms, usually lower-quality protective and reflective coatings

  3. Concealed Fasteners Vertical Metal Roofing

    Concealed fasteners and interlocking panels create a complete roofing system.
    Pros: Designed with clip fasteners that allow the metal roofing panels to float with expansion and contraction of the metal caused by temperature changes, only concealed fasteners, offer full protection, and quality coatings.
    Cons: Requires proper installation by trained crews, or manufacturer-guided DIY installation for lasting performance.

And yes, we have a preference of brands for a homeowner who desires a standing seam, vertical panel roof: we’re part of Isaiah Industries, the leading producer of metal roofing products in North America. You simply won’t find traditional, standing seam metal roofing products of this integrity and quality at the big box stores, or from another manufacturer.

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You can contact us for more information on standing seam roofing. We’ll be happy to help you find the very best roof for your home or commercial property.