Universal Standing Seam

  • Beautiful
    • Richly colored
    • Fade and chalk resistant finish
    • Fastening hem conceals fasteners
    • 1-1/2 tall interlocking seams
    • Designed and manufactured for your structure
  • Strong
    • Made from US G90 galvanized steel
  • Durable
    • PDV coatings perform well in all climates
    • Maintenance free
  • Environmentally Smart
    • Our special PVDF reflective finishes reduce your utility costs

Price, Value, and Performance in a Steel Standing Seam Roof

Universal Standing Seam follows the time-honored tradition and service provided by quality steel roofs. But we combine it with leading technology to produce a roof that is designed for the ages.

The 16” wide Universal panels are produced from thick G90 galvanized steel that has been specially treated for extended life expectancy. The raised interlocking ribs between the panels provide wind resistance as well as resistance to roof leaks. Universal Standing Seam’s design is just as at home on a colonial style home as a mid-century modern ranch or even an ultra-contemporary home design.

Unlike many vertical seam roofs designed for agricultural or industrial applications, Universal Standing Seam has concealed fasteners. The fasteners are driven through an attached fastening hem with pre-slotted holes that allow the panels to “float” with temperature changes without buckling or warping. With a fastening hem rather than fastening clips, Universal Standing seam installs quickly and easily to most home styles.

Our many colors have been carefully developed to meet most residential color schemes, whether you’re using Universal Standing Seam for your entire roof or perhaps just as an accent over a porch or bay window. The two-coated baked-on PVDF “cool color” coatings are unmatched for durability including integrity as well as fade and chalk resistance while designed to keep summertime heat out of your home.