Solar Panels and Steel Roofing for Durability with Performance

January 22, 2022


Solar panels are one of the increasing options for choosing solar power generation for your home. Some options are better than others, and all depend on what’s suitable for your location and situation. Supply and trusted performance are both important issues to consider. Our recommendation? Roof-mounted panels on the right roof. Why?

Roof-mounted solar panels are readily available, carry proven energy production stats, and are verified to last.

Why install a Kassel & Irons metal roof with solar panels?

Each of our metal roofing products paired with the right panels provides benefits beyond energy collection:

  • Special reflective finishes help you save energy by keeping your home cooler in summer. Quality finishes reflect, instead of absorbing and radiating heat.
  • The ease of mounting of solar panels will not damage your metal roof. A walkable surface area provides durability and safety for servicing the panels, and prolonging their life.
  • Your Kassel & Irons roof will outlast the panels. When it’s time to remove the panels, you won’t have to replace the roof. Or add another asphalt roof to the landfill.
  • You gain energy savings and energy production from a K&I metal roof with solar panel installation.

Want to learn more about solar energy production and your roof?  

Don’t wait—plan for saving on energy costs today. We’re here to help and offer guidance on finding the very best roof for your home and situation.