Kassel & Irons® Metal Roofing

Strength and Beauty for a Lifetime with Steel Roofing

Kassel & Irons manufactures environmentally conscious metal roofing that is stunningly beautiful and designed for the utmost in protection and durability for your home.

With an outstanding warranty and unmatched performance, our steel roofing stands up to extreme temperatures and harsh weather. Our products are manufactured with a high content of recycled materials, providing summer energy savings, and reduced construction waste. That adds up to positive environmental benefits from just one good roofing decision.

Highly engineered for strength, and finished with nuanced, long-lasting colors for beauty, Kassel & Irons invites you to learn more about the metal shingles that can deliver the roof of a lifetime.

A Frontline Report: Roof Performance in a Horrible Hurricane

CEO Todd Miller shares an in-depth look at wind damage to roofing in Texas after the recent Hurricane, and the resiliency of the people who live there.

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