Quarve Contracting: Protecting Homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul

June 17, 2017

You’ve made a significant investment in your Minnesota home, and protecting that investment requires the help of the experienced professionals of Quarve Contracting. Why Metal Roofing for Minnesota? The Twin Cities get it all: heat in summer, snow and ice in winter, and sometimes a few surprises. With various architectural styles, thousands of miles of… ( read more )

Wind Resistance and Metal Roofing

wind resistance

May 30, 2017

No matter where you live, wind resistance is important for your roof. Your roof provides ultimate protection for your home and your belongings. If anything jeopardizes the protection given by your home’s roof, the protection of everything in your home is jeopardized. Most roofing materials depend on gravity and their own weight for wind resistance,… ( read more )

Can the Right Roof Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal?

curb appeal and a Kassel & Irons Roof

February 23, 2017

The aesthetics of your home are very personal and emotional. Very rarely will someone do something to their home’s exterior that they do not believe will maintain or enhance their home’s beauty.  So, let’s talk about how the right roof can enhance your home’s curb appeal. Roof as Design Element It’s to understand how much… ( read more )

How to Choose A Beautiful Roof for Your Beautiful Home


January 5, 2017

Style One of the beauties of metal roofing is the wide variety of panel profiles (style) which are available. Homeowners can choose from corrugated looks to true standing seams to shake, slate, shingle, and tile facsimiles. But which “look” is best for your home? While this is a matter of personal choice, not every profile… ( read more )

Water and Its Band of Trouble Makers


December 7, 2016

Storms of all types wreak havoc on our homes. Water from rain or ice-melt can be especially damaging. Here are some trouble makers to look for…and deal with…for a healthier, safer home: Rusted Exhaust Flues. Over a period of years, condensation can cause steel exhaust ducts on furnaces and water heaters to rust. Holes in… ( read more )

The Pros: Jabeau for North Texas and South Central Oklahoma

jabeau logo

November 16, 2016

Since 1979, the team at Jabeau has been serving Texoma with quality metal roofing for homeowners, commercial and multi-family properties. This unique north-Texas roofing company has it all: experience, a commitment to quality, and a great reputation. Why metal for North Texas and South Central Oklahoma? Three words: hail, heat, and sun. Hail – Nothing… ( read more )