Manor Roofing & Restoration Services in Central Missouri

February 28, 2017

Columbia Missouri is a better place because of Manor Roofing & Restoration Services. Based in the heart of the state, Nick Allen and his team deliver roofing and restoration expertise to homeowners by living out their company tagline of “peace of mind for a lifetime”. Invested in theirs and surrounding communities, this team of pure professionals is one to count on for quality work and exceptional service.

Why Metal for Central Missouri?

Located in the middle of midwest, the area surrounding Columbia gets all of the weather…from the heat of the western plains to brutal winds and ice from the north. Add to that some pleasantness from the south and you get a very diverse climate. And a metal roof can handle it all, with ease.

Why Manor Roofing & Restoration for Columbia and Central MO?

They care. With a goal of being “the best home improvement company in Central Missouri”, this group works hard to make every single interaction with their team a positive, productive customer experience.

the Manor Roofing & Restoration of Central Missouri team

The Manor Roofing & Restoration of Central Missouri team

“The sight of a Manor Roofing & Restoration truck in your neighborhood likely means we’ve got roofing specialists working at the canopy level of trees, but we’d like to think our grassroots efforts are what make our company stand out in the community. While we appreciate the ability to build exceptional roofs and protect beautiful homes, our main focus is on the people who live underneath those roofs and inside those houses.The Manor Roofing Team is a family, and our family cares about every family in mid-Missouri.”

Nick Allen, Owner

With a focus on what’s good for local home and commercial property owners, Nick Allen and company look for ways to truly enhance and protect dwellings and structures. All the while, making certain that their roots in the community are honored and cared for, as well.

Our products are available through our quality network of Dealers. Manor Roofing & Restoration of Central Missouri are among the finest of our representatives, and we are pleased to contribute to their continued success with the supply of Kassel & Irons steel roofing. We are also pleased to connect you.