Quarve Contracting: Protecting Homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul

June 17, 2017

As a Twin Cities full-service exterior home improvement company, the team at Quarve Contracting understands the importance of helping you preserve and protect your Minnesota home. You’ve made a significant investment in your home, and protecting that investment requires the help of experienced professionals. And experienced professionals is just what you’ll find at Quarve. 

Why Metal Roofing for Minnesota?

pat and julie quarve

Pat and Julie Quarve

The Twin Cities get it all: heat in summer, snow and ice in winter, and sometimes a few surprises in between. With a variety of architectural styles, thousands of miles of shoreline and storms of all types, there are many challenges to the integrity of the area’s homes.  The fluctuations between hot and cold can be hard on a roof, and compromise its ability to protect your home, and all that it contains.

“We serve homeowners in a 60-mile radius of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Within that area, there are many older homes that have issues with ventilation and ice dams. Metal roofing addresses those issues.”

 – Pat Quarve, Owner 

A Kassel & Irons metal roof from Quarve Contracting can protect your home, reduce your energy spend in summer, and prevent the formation of ice dams in winter.

Why Quarve Contracting for Metal Roofing?

Quite simply, Quarve has the experience you need. Since 1983, Pat and Julie Quarve have operated as licensed contractors in MN, and have built a quality business that delivers quality products with complete customer satisfaction. Invested in their community, Kassel & Irons is pleased to be invested in them.

“Our project managers are all employees, our crews are certified by our manufacturers, and our office is staffed to serve you and keep you updated on your schedule. We don’t cut corners on anything we do, from management to training to clean-up.”

– Pat & Julie Quarve

Kassel & Irons products are available through our quality network of Dealers. Quarve Contracting is an awarding member of our Dealer Network. From the moment you reach a live voice when calling their office to the final wrap-up of your project, you will find that Quarve Contracting delivers personal care. We will be pleased to introduce you to this professional home improvement contractor.