Quarve Contracting: Protecting Homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul

June 17, 2017

You’ve made a significant investment in your Minnesota home, and protecting that investment requires the help of the experienced professionals of Quarve Contracting.

Why Metal Roofing for Minnesota?

The Twin Cities get it all: heat in summer, snow and ice in winter, and sometimes a few surprises. With various architectural styles, thousands of miles of shoreline, and storms of all types, there are many challenges to the integrity of the area’s homes.  The fluctuations between hot and cold can be hard on a roof and compromise its ability to protect your home and all that it contains.

A Kassel & Irons metal roof from Quarve Contracting beautifies your home while reducing your summer energy usage and preventing the formation of ice dams in winter.

Why Quarve Contracting for Metal Roofing?

Rob and Heather CollinsA trusted home exterior remodeling company since 1983, team Quarve can protect your home with Kassel & Irons metal roofing. Along with a new roof, seamless steel siding, windows, doors, and gutters by Quarve beautify your home.

Owners Rob and Heather Collins steer this family business, with Rob serving as a licensed contractor on staff and leading the professional sales team.

  • Fully staffed locally with live-person phone reception
  • Trained and certified installers
  • Timely and informative communication throughout your project

Kassel & Irons is pleased to partner with Quarve Contracting to bring professional metal roofing installation and a lifetime of protection to your Minnesota home.

You can connect with the professionals at Quarve Contracting for a FREE consultation here.  Or, we will proudly introduce you without obligation: ask for QUARVE  in the Question & Comments field.  We know you won’t be disappointed!