The Pros: Jabeau for North Texas and South Central Oklahoma

November 16, 2016

Since 1979, the team at Jabeau has been serving Texoma with quality metal roofing for homeowners, commercial and multi-family properties. This unique north-Texas roofing company has it all: experience, a commitment to quality, and a great reputation.

Why metal for North Texas and South Central Oklahoma?

Three words: hail, heat, and sun.

  1. Hail – Nothing stands up to hail and protects your home from it’s damage better than a steel roof from Kassel & Irons.
  2. Heat – With this area known for heat, managing ventilation with a complete metal roofing system helps keep your home cool, the air inside healthy and can extend the life of your air conditioning units.
  3. Sun – Special reflective coatings on Kassel Irons products help reflect the sun for heat management. No-fade finishes keep your roof looking beautiful…for a lifetime.

Now, those are just the top 3 reasons for metal metal roofing in north Texas and south central Oklahoma. Another great reason? Jabeau, The Roofing Pros.

Why Jabeau for a Metal Roof?

Mike Lavender and his team of professionals offer the very finest in service quality. Take a look at their website to learn more about how, exactly they do this.

Jabeau owner Michael Lavender“I am the owner and operator of Jabeau roofing, having joined the company my father and uncle founded immediately after graduating high school in 1982. I’m a third generation contractor, and proud to follow in the footsteps of my father and grandfather in the home improvement industry.
I believe in doing a job once and doing it right, which is why we offer lifetime warranties. If we put a roof on your house, there won’t be any need for us to come back.”

Mike Lavender, Owner

Our products are available through our quality network of Dealers. We don’t think you’ll find a finer roofer, in all of Northern Texas. We’re very pleased to have Jabeau be a part of our Kassel & Irons family. You can contact us for a special introduction to this fantastic team.