Understanding Standing Seam Underlayment

March 31, 2022


Protection of your home and who it contains is a priority for every homeowner. Kassel & Irons Universal and ClickLock standing seam style roofing does a great job of doing just that. However, we recommend additional protection for the base for your new roof.

Building science proves the value of proper ventilation for moisture control and creating healthier, mold-resistant homes. Standing seam roofs inherently pass gained heat through to the roof deck and structure. 

A proper standing seam underlayment system is needed to address these crucial issues. 

What’s the Best Standing Seam Underlayment?

We’ve got you covered with an exclusive solution ideal for standing seam roofing. RoofAquaGuard is another Isaiah Industries company dedicated to protective roofing products. Here’s our recommendation for an underlayment system for your new roof:

We combine Vent3® with RoofAquaGuard’s Dry-Tech entangled mesh underlayment creating  a breathable roof system with a thermal break to:

  • improve ventilation
  • reduce heat gain 
  • prevent condensation
  • control moisture
  • minimize ice dams 
  • reduce energy consumption

Quality underlayment is a part of every successful metal roofing installation. Don’t skip this critical contribution to your new roof’s performance. When talking with your professional roofing contractor, ask about using this innovative solution for a healthy, breathable home.