The 3 Pillars of Sustainable Roofing

March 30, 2020

Sustainable Roofing Kassel & Irons

Sustainable is a word you hear often, and we use it when talking about our roofing products, too.  But beyond being a buzzword, what does sustainable mean?

To find out, we read about the 3 pillars (foundations) of sustainability the concept represents. 

  1. Economic
  2. Social
  3. Environmental

Taking the long-term view of the importance of any consumer decision is making a choice for sustainability.

Why Make a Sustainable Roofing Decision?

How will you maximize the investment in a new roof for your future and the future of the world? Sounds heavy, we know. But when it’s time to re-roof your home, it only makes sense to think about a sustainable roofing solution. 

When you choose a Kassel & Irons metal roof, you are choosing to:

  1. Support your local economy through the contractor who installs it and serves you. Your Kassel & Irons roof is manufactured in the USA, from partially recycled and 100% American made steel. That’s an economic decision.
  2. Protect your families well being, while also ensuring the future generations to maintain a healthy home and community. Good and proper attic ventilation, protection from storms of every kind, that will last for many years are just 2 of the things our metal roofing systems provide. That’s a social decision.
  3. Often, our new metal roofing panels can be installed over asphalt shingles, saving a tear-off and dump into your local landfill. Completely recyclable, our roofing systems have a low-embodied energy cost, and your new roof will not need to be replaced every 14 years or so. Your roof is available as a collection point for energy, and there’s much to be gained by buying a solar-ready roof. That’s an environmental decision

What is the best roofing solution to support the existing and current reality?

Durable, energy-efficient, and even energy producing rooftops are needed. Beautiful roofs enhance the curb appeal and value of homes, all the while providing protection from the elements and the wear of time. Our metal roofing solutions bring all of these things together for a truly sustainable roofing solution.  

We’re ready to help you find the very best next roof for your home—a roof with a long-view in mind.  Even if the right roof is not one of ours. When you’re ready, we’re here.

p.s. Want to read more about the concept of sustainability? Here’s an article we learned from.