Saving Energy 9 Ways with Metal Roofing from Kassel & Irons

February 27, 2020

Saving Energy 9 Ways Kassel & Irons

Here are 9 ways that every Kassel & Irons metal roof contributes to saving energy.

Embodied Energy: Manufactured and Delivered With Saving Energy as a Value

1. Our metal roofing products are made of up to 35% recycled content and are completely recyclable.  The embodied energy in recycled metal is far, far less than the embodied energy in virgin metal.

2. Our metal roofing is long-lasting. With roofing materials that need to be replaced periodically, you’re always forced to go back to the “energy well” each time new materials have to be manufactured, shipped, and installed.

3. The low weight of our metal roofing allows more roofing to be shipped on a truck than the heavy shingle or tile products; from 50 to 75% less than regular asphalt shingles, delivering significant savings in the total energy consumed by a new roof.

Lowering Your Energy Spend: Now and in the Future

4. Our quality metal roofs have reflective pigments in their coatings, reflecting radiant heat away from the home. Kassel & Irons products are manufactured from American Made G90 Galvanized Steel with a textured and reflective resin-based finish.

5. With our metal shingle metal roofs, there are often integrated airspaces between the metal and the roof deck. This air space acts as a thermal break, stopping the conductive transfer of heat from the roof surface to the structure; similar in many ways to double and triple-pane windows.

6. Metal roofs can be easily vented, helping to exhaust heat out of the attic space, further reducing air conditioning demand.

7. Metal roofs are ideal for installation over insulated roof decks and conditioned attic spaces – they are not degraded by the inability of heat to pass through them.

8. Our metal roofing systems offer excellent ventilation, and when paired with good attic insulation and ventilation, help keep your home warm in cold or cool weather.

9. Preparing for solar panels? Ensure that the roof they attach to will last a lifetime.

The strength of a Kassel & Irons metal roof is continuously saving energy when installed with the future in mind. We’re always ready to help you find the very best roofing solution (even if it isn’t ours) so please, don’t hesitate to call or connect.