Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Traditional Metal Roofing: Vertical or Standing Seam Roofing

When most people envision a “metal roof,” what they see is a traditional metal roof with long vertical seams extending up each roof slope. While that is a great image for metal roofing, there are several things “beneath the surface” of a standing seam metal roof that create significant differences in terms of life expectancy and performance from one product to the next.

Some of the chief questions to ask when considering various vertical seam or standing seam metal roofs are:

  • How are the panels fastened to the roof?
  • Are the fasteners exposed or concealed?
  • Does the design of the roof system allow for the natural expansion and contraction of metal with temperature changes without fatiguing the metal or the fasteners?
  • What base metal is the product made of and what type of chemistry is the coating on it?
  • How tall are the seams between the panels and how much water can they handle without “flooding out”?
  • What minimum roof pitch is required for the installation of the product?

At Kassel & Irons, we have taken the guesswork out of choosing a quality vertical seam roof by offering you two different options. Between these two options, we have a product that is well suited to about 85% of all residences in terms of cost, looks, and performance. Those two products are ClickLock Standing Seam, made from 95% post-consumer recycled aluminum, and Universal Standing Seam, produced from quality G90 galvanized steel. Both products carry the same warranty and are designed to meet homeowners’ needs, but there are differences which guide most homeowners to one or the other.