Vertex Roofing Company: Metal Roofs for Arizona and Minnesota

October 28, 2016

The first thing you may notice when you encounter Vertex Roofing Company is energy. Next, it may be their focus on delivering lifetime roofing solutions to Arizona and Minnesota. Online, over the phone, or in person, these refreshing qualities are evident.

Why Metal for Minnesota and Arizona?

John Roper, Paul Jelle, and Travis Peterson

John Roper, Paul Jelle, and Travis Peterson

Good question! With diversely different climates, these 2 geographic extremes both need the benefits of metal roofing for indoor climate control and comfort. A Kassel & Irons metal roof provides a complete roofing system that enhances ventilation, reflects the sun’s heat, and stands up to the sun’s punishment with exceptional performance. That’s great for Arizona…but what about Minnesota’s climate? In the north country of Minnesota, a metal roof helps prevent ice dams, helps to manage snow loads, and helps keep interiors comfortable year-round. The superior warranties offered by Kassel & Irons are nationwide…and ensure that your roof will last a lifetime.

Why Vertex Roofing?

This organization is just outstanding. With combined construction experience of over 70 years, the Vertex leadership team brings integrity and commitment to Minnesota, Arizona, and parts of Wisconsin. With every encounter, with every person associated with Vertex, customers can expect a commitment to quality, service, and dependability.

“After seeing roofing shingle manufacturers around the country repeatedly lower the quality of their products, we made a decision to specialize in a product that we could call “lifetime” and actually mean it! “

“Our approach is to walk clients through all of their options, explain the installation process, answer all questions,and provide accurate job quotes, rather than ballpark figures. Vertex has gathered the most professional team members, from our expert installation teams all the way through to our phenomenal customer service representatives. While other companies are letting their products fall apart, Vertex has stepped up and continues to pave the way for future growth.

– the Vertex Roofing Leadership Team of John Roper, Paul Jelle, and Travis Peterson

Importantly, Vertex Roofing Company is a licensed contractor in MN, AZ and WI. And…metal roofing is all they do. Homeowners and commercial property owners and managers benefit from this focus.

Our products are available through our quality network of Dealers. We are very impressed by this group’s energy and determination. We think you will be, too. If you would like an introduction to Vertex Roofing Company of Minnesota and Arizona, we would be pleased to connect you. Then, you can experience their energy, too!