Kasselwood Reviews

Here’s what the reviews are saying about the KasselWood Steel Shingle…

We really like the looks and durability. This is the second roof we have had done…the first being our house and now our garage…and we’ve been pleased with the house done about six years ago.

Mark and Nancy W.

We purchased based on looks and durability. The roof looks great and it really made a difference in heating/cooling the second floor of the house.

Barry R.

KasselWood is a superior shingle – thicker, better locking, with a better warranty (lifetime) with specific coverage criteria and transferrable.

Brian D.

I chose KasselWood because of the quality, aesthetics, and cost.

Alberto and Emelita S.

I currently have the Black onyx steel shingles on my house and just had tornado damage-I would like to commend you on your shingles as I have been told they saved my roof, will need some repairs as the bottom edge did come up and has some twisted metal. Thank you!

Karyn L.

We purchased KasselWood based on the durability of a steel roof and high wind resistance. We feel the product is the best on the market and most suitable to a house built in 1880. Plus, we love the peace of mind – to never have to replace shingles, not adding to landfills, fire protection, etc.

Christopher C. & Leola S.

I am concerned with high insurance premiums, and this roofing system gives me the best peace of mind, that it is durable and will last the test of time. You get what you pay for, and for your money, this stuff will pay for itself over the life of your home, because you will only have to do it once! And the transferable warranty can’t be beat, and it an attractive re-sell feature if you plan on selling. I am one happy homeowner

Darren V. & Debbie M.

Love the quality, durability, warranty, and is cost efficient in the long run, with savings on heat/air conditioning, KasselWood is esthetically pleasing versus shingles or other metal roofing.

Lisa C.

We wanted roofing with a long life and this type of product is used in the Caribbean where my wife is from. Best way to go, good investment. Keeps critters out and roofing has a long life, so no need to replace every 10 years.

E. Marc C.

It is metal roof with a lifetime transferable warranty. Because it has lifetime warranty, no need to renew the roof again!

Jaganmohan C.

Very impressed by the product, the colors available, and the style!

Freman and Ellen J.

KasselWood has a lifetime warranty, looks great and is made from recycled steel which can be recycled again in the far future. Also has a transferrable warranty to a new owner. Good selling feature. My friends that have seen my roof are impressed!

Catherine N. and Rick R.

I decided based on the quality and the professionalism of Kassel & Irons management (they answered all of my questions).

Cheryl & Andrew G.

My husband has been very impressed with the KasselWood product for years. He is in the energy auditing field. We are very happy with the product and how well it looks. It adds beauty & value to the home.

Dan & Sharon C.

I was hoping for best quality in industry. So far I like it!

John and Dagmar M.

We needed a roof that could last 20+ years (there’s no guarantee with composite shingles) so we went for metal. We did not want aluminum (you cannot walk on it, need to clean the chimney twice a year), and did not want a steal roof with screws showing. It looks great, like a regular roof, and it will last my lifetime. A lot of people stop and look at the roof, and a few stop and asked about it.

John T.

KasselWood looked very good on the roof of a neighbor’s house. That, combined with the promise of many years of a trouble-free roof convinced us. It’s good look!

Grzegorz and Jadwiga P.

Long lasting and nice look. My neighbor has had a metal roof since the 1970’s and it still looks great. No peeling, fading or curling. It will probably be cheaper in the long run than re-roofing every 10-15 years. Also like the look of edging material.

Katheryn C.

After looking at different styles, and meeting several contractors, I settled on what I thought was the best product and company. I especially like the look of the Kasselwood. Beautiful, strong, and I never have to worry about roofing again!

Chris S.

My shingle roof needed to be replaced after 10 years, Consequently, wanted a product that would last for a greater period of time. I did an “Internet” search of all metal roofing companies in my area and requested estimates from appropriate reps. I consider the KasselShake shingle and associated warranty to be the best on the market for my home.

Dennis & Valerie C.

We got a referral from a co-worker who’s friend had the product installed. We love the durability, resistance to hail and weather issues. We really like the look of our new roof.

Larry B.

I believe KasselWood Shingle is one of the best in the category.

Sandeep S.

We chose KasselWood since this house and our previous house had asphalt shingles that were both defective, and this product has a 40 year guarantee. We also really liked the look. We are very satisfied.

Lee & Claire B.

We bought KasselWood because of the durability and not having to worry about the roof again. The excellent warranty was a key factor also. Asphalt shingles are the primary roofing materials in my area. They do not last the amount of years they are supposed to. The weather extremes here make important to have a trustworthy long lasting roof system with a very good warranty. My roof looks great.

Colin D.

We wanted a steel roof that looked like asphalt shingles. It looks like asphalt and has a great warranty. Looks good!

Brian & Jody R.