Can your choice of roof color impact energy efficiency?

June 8, 2022

roof-color-energy-Kassel-and-Irons-Metal Roofing

Yes. Color is a personal choice, but an important factor to consider when choosing a new roof color – and product for your home: energy efficiency and savings.

How does roof color impact energy efficiency?

Roof color impacts energy efficiency, especially with a metal roof. Our roofing products have reflective pigments that allow even dark colors to meet standards for solar reflectivity.  Even with our advanced coatings and finishes, our light colors outperform darker tones at keeping heat out. 

Reflective Color Coatings + Thermal Break + Proper Ventilation = Energy Savings 

A thermal break separates the roofing material and the roof deck. This small air gap blocks conductive heat transfer so that, even though the roof gets hot in the sun, it doesn’t contact the deck or transfer the warmth. Studies show that a thermal break is more efficiently reduces air conditioning costs than even a reflective color.

A highly reflective roof can reduce summer energy costs by 20% or more with thermal breaks and proper attic ventilation. Here’s more information on saving energy and energy costs with the right roof.

What hue do you choose?

From bold colors to make your house stand out to earth tones that fit most environments, Kassel & Irons metal roofing systems offer many options to beautify and protect your home…all while reducing your energy spend.