Metal Shake Shingle Roof helps Restore a Victorian Style Home

July 28, 2022


After purchasing a 19th-century home in Lake Mills, WI, Leah and her husband embarked on a restoration journey. First, they repainted the exterior, redid the kitchen and bathrooms, and moved on to the carriage house. Their next step was to replace their old wood shake roof with a stylish, durable new one.

Selecting the right design and color for their new roof was crucial to maintaining the Victorian style. The homeowners considered standing seam but decided against the modern lines in favor of KasselWood imitation wood shake shingle panels. They chose Barkdust as the closest color match to their vision, and copper accents were the cherry on top. 

The Right Shake Shingle Roof

Their new roof perfectly complements the existing colors, and the copper turret sets it off nicely from the rest of the house. 

Here’s what the homeowner had to say about their choices: “We’ve learned that it pays dividends to do things right even if it costs more money. The things we’ve skimped on have just needed another fix later.” She mentions, “I want a roof that lasts for a lifetime. I know I’ll leave this house to my kids, and I want it to be solid for years to come.” – Leah, Homeowner

Installation from one of our networked professional roofing contractors made the difference in ensuring this beautiful roof will perform and last for a lifetime.

Who Can Install Your New Shake Shingle or other Metal Roof?

We’ll help you find the right contractor for your restoration project, no matter the style of your home. We’re also happy to work with your architect and/or contractor of choice, providing them and you with exceptional support. Please send us an email or call to start a conversation and find local resources.

In the meantime, you can read the complete case study of this restoration here.