For Pittsburgh: Metal Roofing with Distinction

June 13, 2016

In Pittsburgh, metal roofing of the highest quality from Kassel & Irons comes together with outstanding service from Distinctive Metal Roofing of Pittsburgh.

A Match Made: Steel Roofing for the Steel City

Bruce Hicks of Distinctive metal Roofing Pittsburgh PABruce Hicks, and his team of professionals deliver spot-on knowledge and great attention to detail to every, single customer encounter. Metal roofing in Pittsburgh is this teams only focus; it’s not a side business to a construction firm or remodeling company…metal roofing IS their business.

Why Metal Roofing, Pittsburgh?

Pennsylvania’s harsh weather demands roofing products that will stand the test of time. Kassel & Irons offers the strength of steel with the benefit of beauty, for a lifetime roofing solution. With the strongest warranties in the roofing industry, our steel roofing can stand up to any line of challenges, as a strong defense with unyielding protection.

Why Distinctive Metal Roofing for a New Roof in Western PA?

“Not everyone can properly size, deliver and install a metal roof. Our installation team is comprised of trained and certified metal roofing experts who have wealth of experience. They know how to work with metal roofing materials to ensure that your roof never leaks, looks beautiful, and lasts for decades. Your roof is the most important protection you, your family, and house have against the extreme elements our local climate offers up.

We’ll call you back, answer your email, or show up at your door…when you ask. With years of experience, we want to raise the bar on craftsmanship, quality and customer service in roofing Pittsburgh, Erie, and all of western Pennsylvania, to an entirely new level.”

-Bruce Hicks

Kassel & Irons  products are only available through our network of Dealers. These Dealers are professional, metal roofing contractors, with full service, customer oriented businesses. We’re pleased to stand with Bruce Hicks and Distinctive Metal Roofing of Pittsburgh for a lifetime of protection for your western Pennsylvania home.