Metal Roofing: A Louisiana Specialty

May 26, 2016

wayne and angela hollier

Wayne and Angela Hollier of Hollier’s Specialty Roofing

Wayne and Angella Hollier have brought specialty metal roofing to Louisiana. They live and work in the Lafayette are, and have for a lifetime. In an area of the country that is prone to some of the worst storms and challenging roofing conditions, these folks are committed to premium products, premium service, and premium satisfaction…at the perfect price.

Why Metal Roofing Louisiana?

Kassel & Irons metal roofs actually save homeowners money by extending air conditioner life and increasing energy efficiency. All the while protecting your home and all that it contains with a permanent roofing solution.

Why Buy a Roof from Hollier’s Specialty Roofing?

“For us, it goes beyond the products that we provide to our work, our quality, our demeanor. We treat your house like it’s our house. We know that your house is not just a shelter; it’s where you raise your family, or maybe where you will spend the rest of your life. It holds your memories and your hopes.

We are not going to make any exceptions to our commitment to your complete satisfaction. We are from Louisiana, live in Louisiana, and will stay in Louisiana. Unlike the drive-by roofers who are here today and gone tomorrow, we take pride in serving the people we love, in the area that we love.”

-Wayne and Angella Hollier

Based in Arcadia, Hollier’s Specialty Roofing provides steel roofs for Lafayette, Lake Charles, and all of Louisiana with honesty and integrity. You can count on a prompt response, an educational home visit, and their full attention after the sale. In addition to our great product warranties, Hollier provides an outstanding workmanship guarantee…and their team is committed to putting everything in writing. We think you will find their attention to detail, and professionalism to be refreshing and comforting.

Kassel & Irons products are only available through our network of Dealers. These Dealers are professional, metal roofing contractors, with full service, customer-oriented businesses. Specialty Roofing is our exclusive Dealer in Louisiana for Kassel & Irons steel roofing products. They truly deliver premium service and premium satisfaction to Louisiana homeowners.