Metal Roofing Installation: What to Expect

June 1, 2016

metal roofing installation

We spend a lot of time determining the right color, the shape, and the right style of everything that goes into and onto our homes. Those things are important, but when it comes down to it, having the right product for your home, with the wrong installation is tragic.

Here’s what you can expect with installation from a high-quality, metal roofing contractor:

During Metal Roofing Installation

Good installers welcome questions. It is important to give installers space to work and trust in their ability to complete the job successfully. Good contractors though, will welcome questions you might have about your roof, their installation and any hotspots they might run into.

Not every installation goes by the book. Dips and swales and roof complexities are just some of the issues that an installer might run into on a roof. A good installer with experience in metal roofing will be able to recognize and work with these situations and will be able to answer your questions with ease, explaining why they do things the way they do.

After Metal Roofing Installation

After your new metal roof is completed, your dealer/installer should walk you around the home to ensure that you understand how your roof works and that you are satisfied with the end result. They should provide you with:

  • Special instructions on where and how to walk on your roof—Some shake and shingle profiles offer foam backers to enhance the walkability of the roof. If these are used, you will want to receive a “map” of where they are located.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty—This should include the original documentation that is to be sent back to the manufacturer.
  • The workmanship warranty—This should include all necessary documentation including contact persons to ensure that your roof has been installed properly.
  • A Photo release form—If the dealer/installer would like to use your home in their future advertising, they need to have written permission to photograph your home.
  • A Referral form—Just like you drove around to see different jobs the dealer/installer completed, others will be interested in seeing how they did with your home. The dealer/installer should request written permission to give your address to other potential clients.
  • Special instructions for maintenance—Generally a metal roof should not require any maintenance. However, walk around your home a few times a year and, from the ground, take a close look (use binoculars if necessary) at the roof to make sure that you do not see anything like damage from animals, wind gusts or other issues. If you do see anything, report it to your dealer and/or manufacturer immediately. Your dealer/installer should tell you how to get in touch with their office as well as the manufacturer.
  • If you have chosen the right roof for your home and have worked with the manufacturer to find the best installer for your area, you should not experience any issues with your roof. But, if you do see something that concerns you, contact your installer and manufacturer to ensure your home is protected and the issue solved.

What if?

What if not everything in your purchasing and installation process goes “according to the book”? What if the installer did not meet to your expectations or is no longer available?

Having a good relationship with a high quality manufacturer can help you find immediate solutions to your problems. Ask manufacturers how they respond to difficult situations. Do they have anyone who can consult with you regarding problematic installations? Quality manufacturers will not only answer your questions before the sale, but will walk with you through any issues you may have after the installation.

Of course, we hope you’ll consider a Kassel & Irons roofing solution. To learn more about quality metal roofing manufacturers and contractors, visit the Metal Roofing Alliance website.