Metal Roofing: Got a Weird Roof?

July 1, 2016

weird roofs

Every roof will have its own peculiarities. Metal roofing offers great solutions to your roofing challenges, but no matter the type of roof you are researching, we want to help you make the right roofing decision.

During the bidding process with your contractor, be certain that all intricacies of your roof are identified and discussed. The contractor should specifically detail how various things will be handled. Here are some examples of questions and challenges to discuss with your contractor before making a buying decision.

Consider these unique or weird roofing challenges:

  • If your roof has valleys and there are trees around, is the valley system being used with your roof one that carries all water and debris on top of the roof or in hidden channels beneath the roof’s surface? Hidden channels are prone to clogging.
  • What sort of sealant does the contractor use and what steps do they take to ensure minimal dependence upon sealants for watertightness?
  • How will pipe protrusions and vents be handled on the roof?
  • If you have skylights, how will those be flashed? My advice is to replace any
  • skylights that are ten years old or older as they are nearing the end of their
  • expected life.

Great Questions to Ask for Every Roof, Weird or Not

  • How will roof to wall intersections on your roof be flashed rather than just sealed?
  • What sort of underlayment will they use? Is ice and watershield required?

A great place to learn more about purchasing a roof for your home, commercial, or public structure is . You can do more roofing research, or ask you own questions about a specific, unique, or even weird roof.