Why Fire Resistant Roofing?

June 23, 2017

fire resistant roofing

Metal roofing is one of the few truly fire resistant roofing materials available.

The fire resistance of roofing is obviously a top-of-mind issue for homeowners around the country who live in areas prone to devastating wildfires. Each year, and especially in 2016, families in the Smoky Mountains, western states,  and other areas of the United States and Canada have wind-blown embers from wildfires set fire to their homes, most often landing on their roof.

Why Fire Resistant Roofing is Important for Every Home

Homeowners not living in areas prone to wildfires rarely consider fire resistance when weighing their re-roofing options. With traditional roofing materials, your home is only as fire resistant as your neighbors. There are countless stories of house fires igniting the homes of their neighbors, again due to wind-blown embers. Entire neighborhoods have been destroyed where the predominant roofing material was wood shakes – essentially a tinderbox on the roof.

With the danger of wind-blown embers, fire resistant roofing options do exist.
metal roofing is one of the few roofing materials that are truly fire resistant. Asphalt shingles and wood shakes may be engineered or treated to be somewhat fire resistant when first installed, but as these roofs dry out and age, they become more and more vulnerable. It only takes one ember from a nearby wildfire, house fire, or even a tree struck by lightning, and the roof is ignited.

Metal, slate, and tile are the only roofing materials that are 100% non-combustible over the entire life of the roof.

Why Metal over Slate for Fire Resistant Roofing?

With metal weighing only 40 – 90 lbs. per square, versus slate and tile weighing 1000 – 1400 lbs. per square, it is the only fire resistant option available for most homeowners. Firefighters have actually been instructed not to enter homes with tile roofs: as the home’s structure is compromised, the weight of the roof becomes too much to bear, and the roof collapses.

Built-in Fire Resistance and More Protection for Your Home

To learn about the other protective and unique benefits of metal roofing for your home, we invite you to research Kassel & Irons products.