Kassel & Irons Metal Roofing:California History Under Protection

August 27, 2020


Heritage Junction is an assortment of historic buildings from across California, carefully maintained in Santa Clarita, California, to period-correct standards. The Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society assembled this collection that now includes a train station, a schoolhouse, a 1927 home with a complete interior, a chapel, and houses from around California. Each of these buildings faces a high risk of damage from rain, wind, insects, and especially fire.

In California Metal Roofing Offers the Best Fire Protection

The Santa Clarita Valley is a volatile fire area, where wildfire quickly spreads, further assisted by the old, dry wood shake roofs. To protect and preserve these historical buildings, the SCV Historical Society wanted lightweight, durable, and fire-resistant roofing. In California, metal roofing meets all three of these criteria, with added benefits. Of course, those criteria and benefits apply to any state.

Laurene Weste, Director at Large of the SCV Historical Society, took a small group of city officials and the city manager to Heritage Junction. She led everyone through each building, pointing out the flaws and areas in need of urgent repair. In one house, she had everyone climb into the attic and look up to the roof. When the city manager made it up, he was surprised to see right through the old wood roof- straight to blue California sky. Having all he needed to see and understand,  plans for restoration began soon after.

Read the story of how Kassel & Irons steel roofing came to the rescue of this group of historic buildings, and their caretakers.

With loads of photos and examples of roofing problems and their solution, our case study offers an inside look at the practicality and protection that comes from our metal roofing. California might be a long way from your home, but the education this story provides is useful to any homeowner.

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